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About COUNTERSTRIKE – University of Copenhagen



• Develop a novel analytical methodology for LPD determination, sufficiently rapid to allow for nation-wide screening efforts, which facilitate early diagnostics of not only sarcopenia, but also metabolic syndrome and related conditions, thus paving the way for development of personalised nutritional recommendations

• Investigate the complexity of sarcopenia by studying LPD changes in a large cohort of elderly as a function of increased exercise and protein intake and linking LPD changes to overall metabolome, GM and host physiology

• Determine whether there is a causal link between an unhealthy LPD and development of resistance towards muscle anabolic stimuli like exercise and protein

• Develop the knowledge obtained through state-of-art analytical platforms and advanced multivariate data-analysis into a format where it is readily communicable to elderly as well as policy makers in Denmark.

COUNTERSTRIKE will train 2 PhDs and 3 post docs within metabolomics, physiology and advanced data analysis and thus educate highly skilled scientists with flair for interdisciplinary work for the benefit of Danish industry.